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Naming your baby is an important decision. Hopefully, the resources on will help you choose the right baby name.

Search our database of baby names to find the perfect boy's name or girls name for your baby. Our names database contains over 3000 names from Aaron to Zoey. You can search for names by origin or can browse through our lists of popular boys names and popular girls names.

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Celebrity Babies

Celebrity Parent/sBabyBaby Name
Christina AguileraGirlSummer Rain
Hayden Panettiere & Wladimir KlitschkoGirlKaya Evdokia
Dawn O'Porter & Chris O'DowdBoyArt O'Porter
Alicia Keys & Swizz BeatzBoyGenesis Ali Dean
Kourtney KardashianBoyReign Aston Disick
Kristen Bell & Dax ShepardGirlDelta Bell Shepard
Robert Downey JrGirlAvri Roel Downey

Top Boys Names

PositionBoys NameName Meaning
1MuhammadPraiseworthy: glorified.
2OliverThe olive tree. Symbolizes fruitfulness, beauty and dignity
6CharlieA man: variant of Carl.
7HarryArmy man
8JoshuaGod is salvation

Top Girls Names

PositionGirls' NameName Meaning
2EmilyIndustrious, eager
3LilyThe flower lily is a symbol of innocence: purity and beauty
5AmeliaIndustrious, Striving
6IslaFrom Islay
7IsabellaDevoted to God
8AvaVariant of medieval given names Avis and Aveline
9SophieWisdom. Variant of Sophia
10ChloeMeans "green shoot" in Greek
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